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Overlay WordPress Theme

From WordPress.org to ThemeForest.net, we’ve used tons of themes and plugins over the course of our 10 years in the industry. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly and applied those valuable learnings to our own products and services. But our biggest takeaway is that while there are many exceptional themes out there, a lot of them are bloated by code that users don’t need (or want).

To solve this, Kaira has developed a lightweight, super-fast theme with the customer firmly in mind. The result is the Overlay WordPress theme, our latest and most customisable product. With advanced, yet intuitive design settings for all elements, it empowers users such as yourself with the tools you need to craft stunning websites, while jettisoning any unnecessary code for usability and speed.

Tried, tested and rated

It goes without saying that the team is incredibly proud of our Overlay WordPress theme, but what about the sentiment outside of our company? Well, we’re pleased to report that the reviews have made the hard work worth it:

Who we built the Overlay WordPress theme for

Overlay was built for both developers and clients. The functionality is designed for simple integration with both free and paid plugins and extensions, with customisation as our top priority. 

Developers will appreciate the extensible codebase, which enables quick, easy customisation and extensions for a deep catalogue of projects.

Clients will find much to love in the number of recommended plugins for our Overlay WordPress theme. With these, a user can create a professional, visually appealing website regardless of their web design or development experience.

The features you can look forward to

Overlay WordPress Theme

Overlay strikes a balance between lightweight simplicity and deep functionality, without hampering the user experience.

1. Fully responsive: With people spending more time on their smartphones and tablets than desktops, Overlay adapts to all screen sizes and devices (we’ve also added an option to turn responsiveness off). Additionally, you can choose from ‘slide in right’, ‘slide in left’ or ‘default dropdown’ mobile navigation, as well as which breakpoints or pixel width the navigation kicks in at.

2. Versatile default page: We’re proud of this one! Not many other themes offer the option to change the layout of your default page template when creating new posts or pages. You have the choice between 5 unique templates for new posts and pages, and can switch them from blog to archive to single pages easily.

3. Choose between 3 layouts site layout styles: Overlay offers Full Width Layout, Boxed Layout and Full Width Blocked Layout, as well as a wide selection of customisation settings for each.

4. Headers: From advanced options like padding, spacing, font-sizing, colors and navigation styling to header and layout customisation, Overlay offers a plethora of header features and settings.

5. Footers: Overlay provides 5 unique footer layouts, with settings to further customise their padding, spacing, font colors, styles and sizing.

6. Deep customisation: Overlay offers advanced customisation for padding and spacing of content areas, as well as widgets and font sizes for content areas. We’ve also made it really simple to edit headers and adjust font colors:

  • Overlay provides site-wide font size and color settings from a selection of web-safe fonts and the 400+ Google Fonts on offer.

7. Make your 404 page interesting: With the 404 error page elements, you can add your branding to a featureless page or brighten a user’s day with a quirky design when they land on a dead link accidentally.

8. Connect your social platforms: Overlay easily connects your website visitors to over 30 social networks. What’s more, you’ll be able to further customise the look of the social links and add any other icons you require.

9. Elevate your eCommerce: While other themes may rely on plugins, our deep WooCommerce integration makes customising and personalising your shop, category and product pages easier than ever. Additional features allow you to edit cart, checkout and user account pages.

10. Elementor page builder: We love the Elementor page builder and highly recommend it. Overlay lets you import Elementor’s page layouts as a starting point. With that said, Elementor is not required — Overlay will work with a Page Builder of your preference as it’s been tested with most top Page Builders.

Overlay comes with dedicated customer support

In the era of customer-centricity, users are clamouring for more value from the products they purchase. Early on in the development process, our team picked up that dedicated support ranks high on the list of user wants (a feature that is either limited or not always offered with other themes). 

We strongly believe that if you release a product, you need to be there for your customers if they come unstuck. This is why Overlay offers dedicated support — if you’re confused by anything or just need some guidance, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help!

Where you can get the Overlay WordPress theme

Click here to download the free version of the Overlay WordPress theme. We’re also running a limited-time discount on the paid version. Take advantage of the special here.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message.

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