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WordPress Plugins

Limited at the moment, but we are busy working on plugins and will be adding them to the list as soon as they are complete and ready to ship. Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom to be the first to know!



Blockons offers a bunch of more advanced WordPress editor blocks for you to easily build your website pages with, as well as site add-ons to enhance your WordPress website.

Kaira - Site Chat to WhatsApp

Kaira Site Chat (to WhatsApp)

Kaira Site Chat lets you add a simple chat box to your website, that send the users types message to your WhatsApp or WhatsApp business number… Offering personal, trusted support to your users.



StoreCustomizer is a simple solution to further editing any of your WooCommerce store pages, all done easily without needing any coding knowledge.

Site Customizations

A small, simple plugin that will allow you to add your own php functions, javascript or jQuery, or custom CSS to your website.


Linkt is your mini analytics plugin for you to easily track any clicks on/from your website to get a count of the users clicking through.

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