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Site Customizations Plugin

A small, simple plugin that will allow you to add your own php functions, javascript or jQuery, or custom CSS to your website.

Add your own custom code to any WordPress website!

The Kaira Site Customizations plugin is a simple little add-on that lets you easily add your own custom code to a Kaira theme, or any other theme you’re building with.

Super easy to use

Simply Install and Activate the Kaira Customizations plugin, then Navigate to
Plugins -> Plugin Editor -> Kaira Customizations and edit the relevant files.


Add your own custom PHP functions, hooks or filters to your website without editing theme files or having to create a child theme.


Kaira Customizations -> /custom/functions.php

Add Javascript / Jquery

Edit the javascript file to add your own custom javascript or jQuery functionality. This will load and work on any theme or WordPress website.


Kaira Customizations -> /custom/custom.js


Easily change design by adding your own custom CSS to the Kaira Customizations plugin. This will work on and above any theme that is activated.


Kaira Customizations -> /custom/style.css

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