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Nikkon WordPress Theme

Nikkon is a multipurpose WordPress theme which is great for any site from a simple blog to a portfolio, creative website. With a bunch of useful design options, you’re sure to build beautifully using Nikkon.

Our most loved portfolio WordPress theme!

Nikkon is perfect for your next online portfolio, blog website or simply displaying lots of beautiful images or products to sell. Nikkon offers a neat, simple design with the options to create any type of website you need. Give Nikkon a go and see if it works as well for you!

Design beautifully with Nikkon's many options.

Nikkon offers desing controls for easily creating a beautiful portfolio type website.

2 Header Layouts

Nikkon offers you a selection of 2 header layouts (3 headers in premium). Custom logo, Social Icons and more.

5 Blog Layouts

Select between 5 different blog layouts, including the neat Masonry blocks layout, displaying your posts beautifully.

3 Footer Layouts

Nikkon offers 3 Footer layouts using widgets and social icons. Premium offers an extra advanced footer layout.

WooCommerce Ready

Nikkon integrates nicely with the top eCommerce plugin, and has it’s own custom WooCommerce design.

Fully Responsive

Nikkon is fluid responsive and adapts to all different screen sizes from desktop, all the way down to mobile devices.

Page Builder Ready

Build all your pages with a drag and drop page builder. Create beautiful looking pages without any coding knowledge

5 out of 5 stars!

See what users have to say about the Nikkon theme:

Nikkon gives a new look to WooCommerce and offers deeper integration for your online store.

Nikkon & WooCommerce seemlessly work together to give you a beautiful, professional look to your online store. Nikkon offers custom design and integration with WooCommerce, which is the most popular platform for creating an online store.

Nikkon Premium Features

Nikkon offers extra settings you’re sure to enjoy when building your website.

Nikkon Premium offers the following extra settings:


Extra Features offered in Nikkon Premium:

Site Layout

  • Website Loader & Loader Customization Settings
  • Enable Blocks layout on any/all pages
  • Page featured image + layout settings
  • Premium offers over 20 different social icons to add to your site, as well as the setting to add any custom icon you may need.
  • Premium offers site wide color settings


  • Add/Enable WooCommerce drop down cart/basket
  • Extra "Split Nav" header layout
  • Enable WooCommerce drop down cart
  • Add WooCommerce cart to header top bar
  • Remove all header lines
  • Adjust Site Title font and size
  • Adjust Site Tagline size and spacing

Home Page Slider

  • Link slide to single post OR to a custom URL
  • Set slider to full width
  • Select slider size (small / medium / large)
  • Remove slider text
  • Stop slider auto scroll
  • Change Slider scroll effect

Nikkon Premium now includes a FREE more advanced shortcode slider


  • Set Blog, Archive & Single pages to Left Sidebar
  • Set Blog, Archive & Single pages to Full Width
  • Single Post featured image + layout settings
  • Remove Single page meta/tag/category info


  • Edit Site Attribution / Copyright text
  • Add/Enable site Back To Top button
  • Advanced Custom Footer layout to specify columns and column widths


  • Set WooCommerce Shop, Archive & Product pages to Left Sidebar
  • Set WooCommerce Shop, Archive & Product pages to Full Width


Extra Features offered in Nikkon Premium:

Try out the Nikkon Premium settings:

Try out all the settings you’ll get when you upgrade to Nikkon Premium.

Nikkon loves all screen devices... It's full responsive

Doesn’t matter what device your website visitors arrive on… Nikkon will ensure your site looks good on all devices and screen sizes. Nikkon is fully responsive to all screens.

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