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Linkt Plugin

Linkt is your mini analytics plugin for you to easily track any clicks on/from your website to get a count of the users clicking through.

Finally... A simple, lightweight plugin to track user clicks!

Think of Linkt as your own mini click analytics for your website… Easily create link redirects and track the link clicks in real-time, and see your daily/monthly statistics on a simple graph.

Why should you use Linkt?

Simple… To track user clicks on your website or anywhere else on the internet.

Click Statistics

Linkt lets you easily set up a click redirect that you can add to your site or anywhere on the internet and counts as users click it.


Linkt is very easy to set up and start using… Simply create a new Linkt, enter the redirect, and watch the statistics grow.

Dedicated Support

We’re a small team working on this, but we’re here to help with any issues you may have using the Linkt plugin.

Linkt includes

Graph Statistics

View your Linkt click statistics neatly on a graph and select to display the stats per month or for the last 7 days.

Extra Nested Functionality

Linkt offers extra nested functionality such as copying & viewing the added redirect links.

Admin Tracking On/Off

Choose to turn of/off the click tracking for admin users to only count the necessary clicks with Linkt.

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