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Adding Custom CSS to WordPress

There are 3 ways to easily add your own custom CSS to your WordPress website.

June 25, 2019

Sometimes you may need to add some custom CSS to your website to adjust some styling or coloring, or simply to align certain elements better, or for whatever it may be… Here’s the different methods you can choose from.

There are 3 main way to add custom CSS to your WordPress website:

Add Custom CSS to the Theme Customizer:

Since WordPress 4.7, WordPress added an Additional CSS section to the Customizer, so users can easily add custom CSS from within the Dashboard admin area, without editing any theme files.

Navigate to Dashboard -> Themes -> Customize -> Additional CSS.

This is the quickest solution and best way to add a little custom CSS to edit your site, and you can see the changes happen live right then.

See the video below on adding custom CSS via the WordPress Customizer:

Add Custom CSS via a Child Theme:

Another option for adding custom CSS to your site is to create a basic child theme and then add your custom CSS to the stylesheet, along with any other file changes you may need to do.

Read more WordPress Child Themes:

Add Custom CSS with a Plugin:

You can also add custom CSS via a plugin like Simple Custom CSS, but with the other methods available we find this one unnecessary as adding custom CSS via the Customizer or via a Child Theme are better.