Setting up the default slider

There are 3 different options for using a slider with our WordPress themes:


– Using the theme default slider

This slider is very basic and it is only available on the home page of the themes.

To add slides to the default slider, you will need to start by creating a new Post Category for the slider, this you’ll do in
Posts -> Categories.



Once you’ve created the new category, you can click on the title and go into that category.

Then you will find the ID for your new category in the url bar of the browser.



You don’t need to worry about specifying a slug for the new category you’ve just created, WordPress will do this itself.

You can then go to Appearance -> Customize -> Slider Options and enter the category ID into the “Slider Categories” section.

You can add multiple categories separated by a comma (,) if you like.



Your slider will then show all the posts that are tagged into this category by selecting this new category when adding the new post.

If you do not enter this category ID then the slider will be hidden.

When you create slider posts you will need to tag the posts into the new Category that you have created for the slider.



And make sure you add the image for the post as the “Featured Image… if you add the image into the post content area then nothing will show.



Then, if you want to remove the “Slider” category posts from the blog list.

This is optional of course, but guessing that you don’t want the slider posts to show up in the blog list, you can simply add the same slider ID to the “Blog Categories” input, but to make it not show the added ID’s you need to add a minus sign ( – ) before the ID. Eg: “-204, -17, -23, -48“.

You can add multiple ID’s separated by a comma (,) with a minus to remove multiple categories from the blog list.

Or, if you add multiple ID’s, separated by a comma (,) without the minus sign, then the blog list will show only the posts in those categories.
Eg: “204, 17, 23, 48“.



– Adding a Slider using Meta Slider

We recommend using Meta Slider Pro for a more advanced, very customizable responsive slider that you should find very easy to use and create beautiful slides and place the shortcode on any page.


– Or you can set it so there is no slider on the home page.

For custom work on the themes we recommend contacting wpKraken.

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