Purchasing a theme

Note: The price varies depending on which theme you are purchasing, most of our themes sell for a cheap price of $25.

If you’re using any of our Free WordPress themes and would like to upgrade to the Premium version, you can simply go to our website themes section by the links on our website, or go straight to the theme page from within the WordPress Dashboard by going to Appearance -> About Theme, there you will see a link to purchase the premium version of the theme.



Clicking the Purchase button will then take you to the theme page and show you exactly where to click to pay for the premium theme.



When you click the Purchase button you will see a PayPal pop-up prompting you to login to your PayPal to complete the purchase.

You can also select to purchase the theme with your Credit card or Debit card.



Once you have completed the purchase you will receive an email with a link to download your new Premium theme.



Please Note: Apple has a setting that auto unzips a zip file on download so you either need to turn this setting off or you can re-zip the files again after download.


Simple Steps to upgrade to the Premium theme

Purchase and Download your Premium Theme,

Delete the old free version of the theme,

Upload and install the Premium zip as normal at:
Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Theme