Migrate or Backup your Website using Duplicator Pro

Are you needing to easily migrate your website to a live domain from your dev server? Duplicate your full websites, or create backups of your website incase anything happens? For this we recommend looking into the Duplicator Pro WordPress plugin.

With the easy 3 step process of building a zip archive file of your website files and WordPress database, you're easily able to move these package files to a new server, enter your connection details and let Duplicator Pro take care of the rest.

Backup your site with Duplicator:

After you've installed and activated the Duplicator Pro plugin, you should then see the Duplicator label in the side menu of your WordPress Dashboard. Click Duplicator to navigate to the start of the backup process.


Here you will see a list of all the previous packages created by Duplicator Pro as more and more backups are created.
Click Create New in the top right corner to start creating your first backup of the website.

You will now start the easy 3 step process of packaging the website files and database:


Step 1) Package Setup:

Under the first step of setting up the package details, you're able to:

  • Choose between a list of cloud Storage services to backup your files to,
  • Under Archive you can choose to archive the database, choose certain database tables manually or you can choose to exclude folders, files, or file types from the backup,
  • In the Installer section you can enter the server details so that you do not need to do this at a later stage.

Step 2) System Scan:

Duplicator Pro will then scan all your files and database tables to ensure there are no issues and it will give an overview of the scan so you can see that everything is alright and to proceed to the Build step next.

Step 3) Build Package:

Once you click to Build, Duplicator Pro then takes over and starts building the package, in this process it zips up all your WordPress files, theme, plugins and the database all into one archive file for you to move to a new server or to keep as a backup of the website.

This will also have an installer.php file which is used to re-install the website package on a new domain or WordPress environment.

Install your site from the Duplicator File:

You can now download these files to save as a backup of your website, or you can transfer these files (Archive & Installer.php) to a new server/domain that you would like to install the site on to.

This does require a little knowledge on FTP to transfer the files to the new location & creating a database for the new site.

Once you've done that, then open your browser and navigate to the installer.php file to start the process of installing the website.
Eg: https://www.NewDomainName.com/installer.php

Here you can enter your new database details and then follow the Duplicator installer instructions... It should all be very simple and explain everything as you go.

Once completed... Check that all the links and images on the website work... and that's it, you've finished migrating your website!

Duplicator Pro:

Using the Duplicator Free Version should work well on smaller websites, but for anyone who has valuable side projects and clients, then we suggest looking into Duplicator Pro as it has many features that will save you lots of time and money for if something goes wrong with a clients site, or the website is hacked and taken down.

Top Pro Features include:

  • Large Website & Database Support
  • Multisite Support
  • Scheduled backups to run at set intervals
  • Cloud Storage
  • Set a limit to the amount of backups stored
  • Email Notifications
  • Filter Data that gets backed up
  • + More

2 of the main features that we've found to be most valuable are:

Scheduled Backups:

You can select the backups to be done hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, depending on how often your website or blog is updated.

and Cloud Storage:

You can a number of different Cloud Services to automatically save your backups to such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, FTP location and more.

Duplicator Pro Pricing Options:

There are 4 different pricing options depending on what you need, and while the most popular pricing option seems to be $79 per year, we've found the Duplicator Pro - Gold package has worked best for us with unlimited site licenses and lifetime updates we are able to use Duplicator Pro on all our theme sites and all the client sites we build.

Here’s a short video on using the Duplicator plugin: