Signing up to Bluehost

Why Bluehost is the best

Bluehost offers everything from shared hosting to optimized hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce sites, at the best prices. Starting out as your own webmaster, it’s best to go for the shared hosting solution. There are other more advanced hosting solutions designed for big sites, but you can always change to a larger package when you have gained more traffic and need a bigger hosting plan to manage your website.

Bluehost’s shared hosting plan is perfect because:

  1. Using our Kaira link to Bluehost you’ll get a special discount price starting from $3.95/month
  2. You’ll get a free domain, or use your own domain
  3. 1-Click WordPress install
  4. 24/7 expert support
  5. 30 day money back guarantee
  6. Recommended as #1 hosting by


Kaira highly recommends Bluehost as your number 1 WordPress hosting solution – WordPress as the best CMS, paired up with Bluehost – the most reliable and affordable hosting provider with a great support team working 24/7.

If you’ll take our word for it and choose to sign up or transfer your website/blog to Bluehost servers, then follow our steps below on how to easily sign up.



Signing up to Bluehost:

Step 1: Sign up

Follow this link to visit the Bluehost home page and begin setting up the hosting for your website or blog.


Click Get Started Now to go to the next page and select which hosting plan you’d like to start with.

Here you can see what the different hosting packages offer for the different hosting prices per month. The recommended package is the best option and is the most used option because it offers unlimited bandwidth, unmetered website space and unlimited email storage and it comes with SiteBackup Pro.


If you have a larger scale website or a WooCommerce website selling your products, then we recommend you select the PRO package as this comes with a dedicated IP, SSL Certificate, SiteBackup Pro and more advanced featured to secure and protect your website.


Once you’ve selected your package, you’ll then be prompted to choose a new domain name (and the domain extension of your choice) for your new website, or the option to use a domain name that you already own.


If the domain name you choose has already been taken then you will have to think of a new domain name or choose one another one. Bluehost will also offer a list of alternate suggestions that are available when selecting your domain name.

Once you’ve found the domain name for you then you’re good to go.


Step 2: Create your Bluehost account

Create your account with Bluehost. Here you can enter all your details and create your account, or select to use the Google Single Sign-On button to make creating your account even quicker and easier.


You’ll then need to look over your package details and ensure they are all correct. You can also select the amount of years you want to pay for upfront, giving you even more of a discount.

You can also select to add on some extras such as SiteBackup Pro, SiteLock Security, SSL & more. These extras will cost a little more but will secure your website from hackers and it’s advised to have regular backups done to your website for if anything had to happen.


Here are some explanations of the different add-ons that Bluehost offer to enhance the functionality and security of your website or blog.

Domain Privacy Protection:
The whois information for any domain name is available to anyone on the internet. Your whois information can be harvested by marketing companies, which will give you unwanted solicitations. When you add Bluehost Domain Privacy to your registration, the only information listed in the whois will be Bluehost.

SiteBackup Pro:
Safeguard your site with Automatic Online Backups! This recommended add-on will make regular backups of your website. 

Search Engine Jumpstart:
Search Engines are responsible for 85% of all website traffic. This add-on can help to improve your SEO.

SiteLock Security:
This option adds on extra layers of security and will regularly scan your website for malware and ensure it’s not being blocked or spammed.

Bluehost accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express as methods of payment. There is also the option of payment by PayPal. You’ll find this option by clicking “More payment options“.

Once you’ve confirmed your package details and entered your card details you can then click to accept the terms and conditions and then proceed by clicking Submit.



Step 3: Install and setup WordPress

Now that you’ve setup and paid for your domain and hosting service. You should receive an email to verify your email address and you can then set up your WordPress website from within the Bluehost Account Login.


Or if set, Bluehost will automatically install your WordPress install and set everything up for you.

If not, we’ll go through the process of setting up WordPress with the 1-click install and then choosing a WordPress Theme to suit your website needs.


Bluehost Control Panel:

Once you’ve logged in to your Bluehost control panel you’ll be able to find the Install WordPress button… Click Install WordPress and Bluehost will do the rest for you.


Once that’s done you can then log in to your WordPress Dashboard at yourdomain.ext/wp-admin/ with your username or email address and your password. Then you’re ready to start setting up your WordPress site.

It’s recommended you change your password to something secure that you will remember.


Next you can follow the link to see basic instructions on setting up WordPress:


Setting up WordPress