Delete a theme

If you’re wanting to activate the premium version of one of our earlier themes, you will need to delete the old free version of the theme before installing the premium theme as a .zip file.

For example: To delete the free version of the TopShop theme.

To delete the free version of the TopShop theme you need to navigate to Appearance -> Themes within your WordPress dashboard, where you will see a list of all the current themes you have installed.

If the TopShop free theme is currently active, you will need to activate another theme to be able to delete this theme.


Once you have activated another theme you can click Theme Details of the theme you’re wanting to delete, and now you will be able to see the delete button on the bottom right corner of the theme details.


Note: You will not see the ‘delete’ button on a theme that is currently active.

Delete the theme and then install the new premium version as a .zip file.

For more help on installing themes you can read here:

For custom work on the themes we recommend contacting Codeable.