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Disable Comments

1) Default WordPress By default, WordPress comments are activated and added to each new post or page. To disable the comments on a single post or page, go to the Dashboard to edit the post or page where you’d like to remove the comments, locate the Discussion meta box and uncheck the Allow Comments field. […]

Blog Post Summary/Excerpt Setting

If you’re going to Settings -> Reading in your WordPress Dashboard and trying to change the setting -> “For each article in a feed, show“, to make your Blog list show only a post summary for each post, you’ll find that this setting is not changing your Blog posts to show only the Summary/Excerpts. This […]

Customizer Settings not saving changes

If you’ve made changes in the WordPress Customizer but notice that your settings won’t save when you click “Save & Publish“, you can try the following methods to find the problem and get it working again.   1) Testing for a plugin conflict This is usually the most common issue that users encounter when the […]

Add CSS classes to navigation menu items

How to add custom CSS classes to the navigation menu items

Add Post Excerpt

Help on adding/editing the Post Excerpt

Delete a theme

How to delete a theme from your WordPress Dashboard

Open menu links in a new tab

Set your navigation links to open in a new browser tab

Install a theme from a .zip file

Learn how to manually upload your theme from a downloaded zip file

Increase the WordPress Maximum File Upload Size

See how to increase the maximum upload file size in WordPress

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